Controls: mouse, you just have to use mouse for everything.
You need all endings to completely finish the demo.

Shut down dialogue cloud - just click on it.


Hey everyone!

We would like to introduce our LDJAM33 game - McTremson Bar!

It's a dark but funny point'n'click noir pixelart quest with jazzy score, that will bring you back to the...well, to the old times, yeah, old times with classy gentlemen and beautiful ladies.

So, you're here, in the bar. What you supposed to do? Same stuff as usual of course - drink, chat with someone, pickup girl maybe, just have fun! But wait, where is the monster, oh, you will find it out soon, very very soon ;)

Sure, there are bugs here and there, but anyway - you can open all endings in this demo, and we'll be really glad to hear some feedback from you guys!

The game is result of collaboration of two teams - Ars Longa Games and MetalBear (@MetalBearDev)
Dmitry Petyakin (@ElMetallico1) - idea, music, creative
Aynur Kudashev (@Todo_Asano) - art, graphics, creative
Akim Kasabulatov (@snake302) - code, creative
Artyom Frolov (@AvisBiax) - creative, support